• 19th of April 2018

Management organization goals

The World Heritage Site of the Shahr-i Sokhta, like other cultural heritage sites, is a management organization created to fulfill the organization's goals for a theme that has unique national and global values. The Board of Trustees is the highest authority reference in policy and decision making.

This board decides especially on financial and management issues of the base.

Tasks of the Board of Trustees:

• Determining and approving of the general policies of the site;

• Reviewing and approving of the program and annual budget of the site;

• Approval of service tariffs, other sources of income, terms of collecting income and expenses by complying with the rules;

• Reviewing and approving the long-term program of the site;

• Attracting support and cooperation of governmental, private and public sectors;

• Approving and creating affiliated units associated with the main tasks of the site;

• Reviewing the challenges of the site and providing solutions to problems.