• 30th of March 2018


although the most important structures belongs to 2800 to 2500 BC. In this area, during Periods II and III and probably as early as period I, were concentrated numerous dwellings.  These were grouped in blocks of at least four houses, separated by narrow, winding lanes. Generally speaking we can say that: Structures and materials of period I are found in all deep testing pits to the  natural ground level, everywhere in the area. In period II, the houses were built according to an integral plan and during their existence underwent minor rebuilding and renovation. In the late Period III, the quarter’s network was completely changed and numerous rooms were built where previously streets were and ceramic material  scattered over the surface. This is the best documented  area of Shahr- i Sokhta from the architectural point of view, where the archaeologists could understand the urbanistic network of the city and  estimate  its population.