• 30th of March 2018

Area No. 26

Area 26 is located in the northern part of the Central Residential Quarter and west of the eastern depression with ca. 50m distance from the Italian excavations. The excavations on the squares S of Area no. 26 were conducted alongside the east-west direction of the 50-meter SD square.  

Given the unearthing the indicative architectural remains such as corridors with load-bearing walls, storerooms, rooms on the south of the corridor and characteristic and in some cases unknown pottery on the eastern side of the long Corridor during the fourteenth campaign of excavation, the work in this area continued in the 2015 season, on the north of the Area. Moreover, in order to get more information from layer 1, like the layer related to the load-bearing walls and storerooms, the excavations started on the southern part of Corridor and on the east of the complex of the burnt rooms.

Excavations in the southwest of Area 26, revealed a number of parallel rooms, waterway and the long corridor. More excavations showed these rooms extend towards east. An entrance in the southern wall of the waterway was discovered and excavated together with another entrance on the west, yet the excavation was not finished in 2014. As it seemed that we are facing the final phases of occupation of settlement in the Central Residential Quarter of the site. Significant findings in these squares were pottery fragments of period IV in adjacent rooms and the layer 1 of storerooms of Area.

As it has been already mentioned, the main layer of the Area 26 is layer 1 characteristics by the integrated architectural structures, including two load-bearing walls with  the long  corridor (space 8), water way (space no.9), interconnected rooms and storerooms in SDI and SDN squares.