• 28th of March 2018



The multidisciplinary archaeological studies in order to development a much-needed scientific approach to the study of Shahr-i Sokhta focused to:

  1. Archaeozoological analysis of animal remains collection for identification of bio-animal environments and planning.
  2. Palaeobotanical analysis of plants remains collection to reconstruction of the bio-environments and planning.
  3. Anthropological analysis in which will be collected materials from Necropolis in order to begin a classification and identification of human remains.
  4. Geomagnetic studies in many parts of Shahr i Sokhta to identification of under earth constructions and architectural remains.
  5. Aerial photography of the site to understand the surface features and architectural remains of last period at Shahr i Sokhta and also to improve our knowledge about different process of development of the urban centre.
  6. Conservation and micro analysis of textile collection in Shahr i Sokhta
  7. Conversation and chemical analysis of cultural material of Shahr i Sokhta such as pottery shards and bronze tools.